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Personalized Nutrition Coaching

Registered Dietitians

We offer services ranging from phone consultations, meal plans, and personalized nutrition counseling to handcrafted menu services, and corporate wellness counseling.

Our team of Registered Dietitians use our Professional Expertise and extensive experience to design a program that meets your needs and goals.

We cut through all the hype about diets and nutrition to help you find the balance your body needs.


Evidence-based medicine

The Delicious Dietitian is a leading outpatient nutrition provider. We provide dietetic services for patients referred by over 100+ local physicians.

The Delicious Dietitian has a plan for you

We offer an extensive menu of services, from phone consultations, meal plans and personalized nutrition counseling to handcrafted menu services and corporate wellness counseling. Choose the options that fit your lifestyle and nutritional goals.

Professional Guidance

We are Registered Dietitians with the right credentials and experience to design a program that meets your needs and achieves your personal goals. We cut through all the hype to help you find the right  balance of nutrition  your body needs to thrive.

Get a Personalized PLAN

We work with you and your healthcare team to develop a plan that suits your needs and preferences.

Professional Nutrition Counseling with Registered Dietitian Nutritionists

The Delicious Dietitian is the leading outpatient nutrition provider. We provide dietetic services for patients referred by over 100+ local physicians.

We offer comprehensive health and wellness services to medical providers, corporations, and individuals looking for a nutrition counselor. We offer services ranging from handcrafted menu services, consultant dietitians, to corporate wellness, meal plans, and personalized nutrition counseling.



How will you help me and my family?

I want practical lifestyle advice...

Need help sorting through the facts and fiction of nutrition headlines? Learn how to read labels at the supermarket, discover how healthy cooking can be inexpensive; learn how to dine out without ruining your eating plan, and how to resist workplace temptations. When you see an RD or RDN, the last thing you’ll get is one-size-fits-all diet advice. After learning about your health history, favorite foods, and eating and exercise habits, an RD or RDN will help you set goals and prioritize. Follow-up visits will focus on maintenance and monitoring your progress.

I need help managing diabetes, high blood pressure, or other chronic diseases...

An RDN can help you understand your condition and how the foods you choose might affect it. Plus, a registered dietitian nutritionist works with you to create an eating plan that has the nutrients needed to manage your condition.

I want to gain or lose weight...
Fad diets may sound like the quick ticket to weight gain or loss, but they rarely last. Luckily, one of our RDNs can suggest calorie sources for healthy weight gain. Or, design a personalized weight loss plan, including diet changes and physical activity — while still eating all your favorite foods.
My teen has issues with food and eating healthfully...

As part of the treatment team, RDNs counsel individuals with eating disorders such as anorexia and bulimia.


I know I need to feed my family healthier foods, but I don't cook...

A registered dietitian nutritionist can teach you how to plan and prepare meals in a simple, healthful, and convenient way.

I'm pregnant, trying to get pregnant, or a new mom...

Meet with an RDN to make sure you get the nutrients you need for a healthy pregnancy. And, after the baby comes, a registered dietitian nutritionist can help make sure you’re getting the nutrients you need for you and your little one.

I have digestive problems...

Working closely with you and your doctor, a registered dietitian nutritionist helps fine-tune your diet. Guidance can help you make choices that do not aggravate your condition. For example, limiting fried foods or caffeinated and carbonated drinks.

I'm thinking of having or have had gastric bypass surgery...

Since your stomach can only manage small servings after surgery, it’s tricky to get the nutrients that your body needs. As a part of your health care team, an RDN helps you make changes to your eating plan without settling for less taste.

I'm unsure what I can eat because of celiac disease, food allergies, lactose intolerance, or other condition...

It’s easy to be overwhelmed by what you think you can’t eat. And that can lead to a boring diet that doesn’t give your body the nutrition it needs. An RDN can teach you strategies about identifying foods to avoid and help you find substitutions to keep your diet balanced and tasty.

I'm caring for an aging parent...

An RDN can help with food or drug interactions, proper hydration, special diets for hypertension, and changing taste buds as you age.

How Many Sessions Will I Need?

The number of total sessions recommended varies by patient, based on their medical conditions, goals, budget, and adherence to recommendations. Everyone is different! We do recommend a minimum of 3 sessions to get you started, as one session usually is never enough! You are more likely to be successful in changing behaviors with multiple sessions — change doesn’t happen overnight!

Do You Accept Insurance?

Yes! We are currently accepting Medicare, United Healthcare Medicare, and Cigna Healthsprings, however, in order to be covered you must have Diabetes or Chronic Kidney Disease.

We do request that your medical records be sent by your physician. We are working on currently getting credentialed with other insurance providers as they open their networks to Registered Dietitians, so we hope to be able to accept others soon! In the meantime, please feel free to call your health insurance carrier and ask for an out of network exception.

What Is Your Cancellation Policy?

Our provider’s time is reserved for you. We do not double book our patients in order to provide adequate time for each individual. We strive for exceptional care through individual attention.

  • Any appointment cancelled less than 24 hours in advance is considered a No Show.
  • A No Show on a new patient appointment will result in a $100 fee that is not covered by insurance.
  • A No Show on an established patient appointment will result in a fee of $50 that is not covered by insurance.
  • Exceptions to this policy will be reserved for verifiable emergencies only and will be at the sole discretion of management.
  • Repeated No Show appointments will result in the discharge from our practice.