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Your Trusted Personal Registered Dietitian

We strive to provide you with a personalized food plan that is safe, healthy, and enjoyable.

Who We Are

We are a private practice of registered dietitians providing one-on-one nutrition counseling. We can work with your doctor to come up with a personalized plan that is specific to your needs. Let us be your personal nutrition trainer to help you reach your goals. Best of all, you can improve your overall health without taking another pill!

Get in Touch With Us

You can also choose from our wide selection of spice blends and wine vinegars. Let us know how we can help! If you would like to learn more about our products and services, feel free to contact us today.

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Patient Testimonials


This is a Thank You. I hired you folks in 2015 and I got serious about dieting on Jan 1, 2016. It was your dietitian that taught me about food labels, shopping, pre-prepping food, bad food, good food and learning by experimenting.


I have lost 110 lbs and I have done it so easily. My theory is that HFCS was my kryptonite and once I learned to mostly avoid it, it was all smooth sailing. I was literally taking every night at 1 AM starving ( in my head ) and feeding that monster. I had a few other food cravings that had to be dealt with, but it was all a matter of making smarter choices and keeping the really bad stuff out of the house. In 1981 I was just out of the Army and maybe 205 lbs. I got married, got a desk job and began putting on about 5# each year. Fast forward 30 some years and I was heavy. I finally took action.


I went from 355# to a current weight of 245#. My activity level has increased dramatically. My wife and I actually went backpacking for 4 days last month, slept on the ground and had a great time. I could not do that 4 years ago.

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