Our Weight Management Program will change your life:

serv-weight-largeThe Delicious Dietitian offers a comprehensive wellness/weight loss program that is private and respectful of clients’ individual needs. By providing your body with its preferred balance of carbohydrates, protein, and fat. Research shows that over 95% of all weight lost on a “fad diet” is regained. The Delicious Dietitian can lead you to lifelong weight loss.

The Delicious Dietitian understands weight loss can be challenging. We provide the support and accountability to help clients reach their goals. The Delicious Dietitian also knows that when trying to control weight, eating real, satisfying food is the only way for long term success. Let The Delicious Dietitian teach you the healthiest way to eat in the real world. NO pills, NO quick fixes, just Real Results.

Are You Ready?


What Physicians Are Saying:

“The Delicious Dietitian has helped my patients by providing an experienced, educated perspective on appropriate eating habits. The emphasis on balanced nutrition that includes all key macronutrients combined with instruction on how to incorporate them all into a diet that promotes healthy weight makes a difference in my patients’ lives.”
Dr. Hope Jackson, PhD - Clinical Psychologist

What Patients Are Saying:

“Since coming to The Delicious Dietitian two months ago, I have lost 32 pounds. My sugar is under control, I feel good, my energy level is higher and don’t get anywhere near as tired as I used to.”
Mildred, (Mobile, AL)