High Cholesterol? Heart Attack Survivor?

heart-diseaseSo, you have gotten this wake up call from your physician that your Cholesterol is high and you need to eat healthier. Ok, I have oatmeal in my cabinet and I am taking fish oil. If it were that simple the world would be a healthier place. With Heart Disease being the number one killer of women and number two killer of men, taking a more proactive approach prolongs life and prevents more cardiac events. We are your leader in cardiovascular education and support.

Learn how The Delicious Dietitian can help you eat the right way and love your heart all over again.

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What Physicians Are Saying:

“The Delicious Dietitian has helped many of my patients understand how their food intake affects their disease process. Following The Delicious Dietitian’s guidance can positively affect disease progression and increase quality of life.”
Dr. Barbara C. Mitchell, M.D. - Internal Medicine

What Patients Are Saying:

“I have a family history of heart disease and I am in my late-30’s. I did not want to start on cholesterol and high blood pressure medications. The Delicious Dietitian taught me how to eat right with real foods and my cholesterol is now better than ever. I have a busy lifestyle and did not want to go to group meetings. This was all about me and the personal plan was easy.”
Richard, (Saraland, AL)